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totaljobs – Nepotism in the Workplace Infographic and Data Analysis

The brief

totaljobs commissioned us to create an engaging series of infographics using data they had collected from a survey sent out to their mailing list. The illustrations needed to be friendly and the findings needed to be easy to read. We were asked to look over the raw data providing analysis to inform their PR team and the corresponding press release. The work needed to be easy to split up into key findings that could be used on social and as article imagery.

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Our response

The results

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Our response

To get the project going we had some serious data to crunch. To accomplish this, we worked with a leading data scientist. Our analysis revealed some fascinating insights into nepotism in UK workplaces.

The illustrations we crafted revolved around an ensemble of approachable characters utilising a bold colour palette aligning with the totaljobs brand. They were designed to stand out on social media with clear, readable statistics.

The results

This project was featured on the totaljobs Inside Jobs blog. This type of content is used by organisations such as totaljobs to position themselves as thought-leaders in their fields. Content with primary data and research can be a great way to garner press attention and positive PR.


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Original data analysis

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