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The Jobsite Guide to Finding Your Perfect Work Environment

The brief

Jobsite approached us to develop a quiz that would help it's user to determine their perfect working environment. They needed to capture user data for follow up resources. Jobsite wanted to create a tool that would be valuable as an evergreen industry resource.

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Our response

The results

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Our response

The quiz we built on work that we had already completed for their sister company, total jobs. You can see this project here. The site was a custom build delivered as a complete package which simply needed to be uploaded to a subdirectory on our clients site.

We used carefully selected photos and kept within the Jobsite brand guidelines to ensure a consistent brand experience.

The client was able to log into the back end of the quiz and view the responses of their users. These responses could also be exported to a CSV for data analysis.

the jobsite guide to finding your perfect work environment

The results

The quiz has been completed thousands of times and is currently still being promoted across the jobsite network. The site acts as a valuable industry resource, providing a piece of evergreen content that can be used across platforms.


Thousands of entries

Social exposure

A valuable industry resource

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