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The Lovereading.co.uk Book Map

The brief

Lovereading.co.uk is an online book retailer specialising in expert-led book recommendations.

As a small business competing with the likes of Amazon and Waterstones, they needed a creative and unexpected approach to cut through the noise. They wanted a project which would:

  • Gain placements and mentions in high-authority, popular publications.
  • Gain backlinks from those same publications.
  • Improve their search engine rankings.
  • Make the most of their existing Social Media and PR channels.
  • Position them as an expert-resource for book lovers around the world.
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Our response

The results

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Our response

To celebrate the global appeal of books, we decided to create something special for book lovers everywhere.

We created a list of all the most popular books (modern or classic) which are set in the real world, and plotted their key setting on a map. 

The map was fully interactive, allowing users to travel the world, seeing which books are set near their home, uncovering hidden gems, and finding inspiration for their next holiday based on their favourite book.

The results

The results were outstanding. Particularly considering the work was carried out on a particularly measured budget.

The piece earned Lovereading.co.uk over 160,000 visitors in its first month, and over 10,000 books were submitted via the ‘submit a book’ function. A huge win for audience engagement.

The piece achieved 6,800 shares on social media, with over 6,100 coming from Facebook alone. As Lovereading’s main focus for social marketing, this was a huge and welcome result.

Aside from the social appeal, the piece earned links from 37 domains. Literature publications, educators and tech sites all loved the piece, and featured it heavily.

It was featured around the world, in a variety of languages, and we even received requests to turn it into a print version for use in a Brazilian university!


160,000 visitors


37 linking domains

Peter Crawshaw


We can track many hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Lovereading.co.uk site, directly to work Joe has created for us. His work even transcends SEO, as we’ve seen an uplift in Social Shares and even a feature on Page 3 of the print version of The Times! 

I’m already looking forward to our next exciting projects together!

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