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40 World Foods Made from Plasticine

The brief

Baltic Travel Company approached us to assist with their content marketing efforts.

They’d heard that infographics performed well as a marketing tool, and sought our help in producing a series for them.

They were focussed on earning coverage from major media publications, as well travel and lifestyle press.

Our response

The results

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Our response

We produced a number of incredible infographics for Baltic Travel Company over a period of a year. These infographics were designed to celebrate travel, tourism and the weird and wonderful aspects of all world cultures.

Our favourite and most popular piece was 40 World Foods made from Plasticine.

For this piece, we hand-made forty countries’ national dishes using plasticine, then photographed the meals and presented them as a gallery to celebrate the world’s most amazing cuisines.

The results

The piece was viewed tens of thousands of times around the web, and helped to position Baltic Travel Company as a strong voice in travel.

The piece earned coverage in food blogs, travel blogs and lifestyle sites, and a total of 9 backlinks from high authority online publications.

It even led to our founders, Joe and Chris being called ‘artists’ by The Daily Mail. An accolade they will simultaneously struggle to live up to, or live down.


9 high authority linking domains

Featured in The Daily Mail

Tens of thousands of views

Birthe Nielsen


We were very impressed with the time spent [creating infographics]. And it was made with love!

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