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Microsite Design

We create interactive, responsive microsites that tell stories and start conversations

From quizzes to interactive maps, microsites not only look great on mobile but can be easily updated and used to gather valuable data.

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What are microsites?

We make Microsites for all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons.

Some examples include:

  • An interactive landing page to support a marketing campaign
  • An industry tool that a business can use to provide value to its customers
  • A visual and compelling way of sharing findings from a study, or report
  • An engaging and exciting way of telling a story
  • A shareable and digestible way of sharing a political message

In any case, a Microsite is a way of presenting your brand’s story (whatever that might be) in a compelling way.

It also encourages people to spend time on your website.

From a technical perspective: a microsite can be hosted on its own domain, or as a part of your existing website, away from your main Content Management System.

Our approach

A microsite can be an incredible way to present information for your company in an interesting way.

Some examples:

  • Leading users through an interactive story to help them understand your data
  • Developing a proprietary tool which helps to solve a problem in your industry
  • Giving the public a reason to spend time on your website, and engage with your brand

Our microsites can either be static, with the information built into them in advance, or they can be built with update functionality - including the gathering and incorporation of User Generated Content.

Microsites are one of the most powerful ways we help our clients make an impact online.

Our Process

We’ll work with you and your team to establish the best way to present the information and make it as engaging as possible for users.

We’ll be able to come up with the perfect solution, incorporating the needs of your brand; the KPIs of your project; and working within any technical limitations of your existing website.

When the design and development of the microsite is complete, we can either host it for you, or send the files over to you, ready to upload.

We can also promote the microsite in order to meet any marketing goals your campaign might have, from backlinks to PR coverage through to sign-ups and social media engagement.

What are the benefits?

Engage with your customers in a new, interesting way.
Earn traffic from areas of the web where you’re currently under-represented
Earn coverage and backlinks to your website
Improve the rankings of your website

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