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Infographic Design

We have nearly a decade of experience in creating web-focussed infographics to help brands tell their stories online.

Our infographics have been seen and shared by millions of people worldwide, and featured in the world’s leading news publications.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a just what it says on the tin: a combination of interesting information and striking graphic design.

Different industries use infographics for different purposes (everything from IKEA to the International Space Station rely on information design) - but for our purposes, infographics are a way of introducing an online audience to something amazing that helps position your brand as an authority in your industry.

Our approach

We start by working with you to establish the best way to present the infographic.

Whether you’ve got a ton of interesting data that needs to be turned into a striking data-visualisation; or a guide to something technical which needs illustrations; or even just a desire for people to see you as a resource of information in your industry, we can help.

We approach infographics using an artistic-attitude to develop structure, storytelling, readability and (above all) access and understanding for as many readers as possible.

Our aim is to develop the most unexpected and interesting ways to present the information.

Our process

We can assist with gathering the information through meticulous research, and then we can write it up using your brand-guidelines for tone of voice.

Finally, we’ll design the infographic using hands-on techniques and a genuine artistic flair. Our infographics are unique, original and incredibly popular with online audiences.

When design is complete, we can assist with promoting the piece online, sharing it with our network of journalists, and also seeding it in the right places to ensure coverage is as wide as possible.

Overall, we tell your story the way it needs to be told, and help your brand to be seen the way it needs to be seen.

Types of infographic

• Data visualisation
• Storytelling
• Expert guides
• Visual driven

What are the benefits?

Get your information / data / etc. seen in the right way
Earn coverage for your expertise
Create something that is evergreen

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