Digital PR

Pay-as-You-Go Digital PR

We earn your brand coverage in major national and international publications – with backlinks to ensure a commercial focus.

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What is Digital PR?

How Authority can help your website grow

  • Improve search rankings
  • Focus on the commercial-intention of your website
  • Exposure to new and varied online audiences
  • creation of useful content for use on-site, off-site and on social channels
  • increase brand recognition
  • drive referral traffic and conversions

Client Feedback

“Sabroso have developed a large number of articles and distributed them to appropriate journalists in a way that has greatly improved our backlink profile”
Lewis Spencer

Some examples of recent coverage:


Link Price

Our pricing is scaled based on the Trust Flow of the link we secure.(Trust Flow is an SEO metric for measuring the Authority of a website. It is a score out of 100)

We don’t charge for anything below TF20 – and we cap the cost at TF80.

We’ll work with you to establish a price for links. This is on a case-by-case, industry-by-industry, website-by-website basis, so get in touch to discuss a price for your links.


You set a budget you’re comfortable with, and we build links up to that value.

This can be a monthly budget, or a single-project.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, and can work with most reasonable budgets. The more you can allocate to the process, the more links we can build – but we only ever build up to your budget limit.

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