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Branded Content

Whether your company is big or small, we can help you get seen in the right places, by the right people.

What is branded content?

‘Branded Content’ means any online visuals, interactives or assets which help you to ensure your brand is seen in the right way. We can support in developing everything from static social media assets to informational resources, through to full interactive microsites which earn world-beating levels of coverage.

Our approach

Our content doesn’t mess around. We create unexpected, astonishing and truly useful online content which captures media attention on behalf of your brand.

We create digital experiences which are original, useful and beautiful - designed to support your marketing campaigns, whatever form they take.

Our branded content earns our clients coverage in major publications. It’s the sort of thing journalists can’t help writing about - and we work with them to sculpt the your content to support the stories they want to tell.

If you want your recruitment company to be seen as forward-thinking in gender politics, we’ll build a tool that helps you keep job descriptions gender-neutral.

If you want your book-store to be seen as globally-oriented, we’ll build an interactive map which shows the settings of the world’s favourites books.

If you want your users to meet Spider-Man, we can build an interactive tool that lets them do it.

Our Process

We take the time to fully immerse ourselves in your brand, to understand exactly what you stand for, and how you want the world to see you.

We work with you to form the perfect solution to any marketing needs, whether you need Digital PR coverage, backlinks or something that you want to go viral on social media.

We design and develop the assets, keeping you involved and informed every step of the way.

When the design is complete, we can either supply the assets to you for your own purposes, or we can help to promote it to industry and mainstream press to make the assets do the maximum for your brand.

What do we do?

Branded content comes in all shapes and sizes, but our most frequently requests services are:

• Infographics
• Microsites
• Data projects
• PR campaigns
• Product development

What are the benefits?

Be seen by the right people, in the right way, at the right time
Improve brand recognition online
Control how people see your company and brand
Earn major coverage in the industry and mainstream press

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