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Sabroso Shot #5 - The Museum of Interactive Art

I love art in pretty much all its forms. If a piece has the power to make you feel something, it deserves to be celebrated.

It should be no surprise that the most interesting art to me is interactive and digital (I'm a fan of Google's digital art gallery project, and I really loved Light Light's crowd-sourced music video for Kilo), but I recently came across an online project which is all about popular and recognisable abstract art.

The Museum of Interactive Art comes from Russian digital designer, Ilnur Kalimullin, and adds a new element to the art pieces by making them come to life. The movements bring one's attention to things you may not have otherwise noticed, and some of the pieces take on a completely new meaning.

If you’re not a lover of abstract art, you might still get a kick out of digging into the history of some major pieces of pop culture. If you like web design, you might just like the cool CSS.

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