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Sabroso Shot #30 - Look for Longer

Look for Longer is maybe the most addictive online puzzle I've ever played.

Essentially it is one image, made up of one hundred smaller images and scenarios which each represent a London tube station.

The challenge is to solve all 100.

I first did the challenge a few years back, and it took several days and most of my family to solve it all, but we got there.

There's nothing more satisfying than one of the clues suddenly making sense - and the clues are all pretty satisfying representations of the stations.

This was made as (I think) a marketing asset for a company called Work.Shop.Play which (I think) is a consumer research agency.

In any case, it performed well. Many thousands of shares on social media, and a lot of time spent on their site.

Good luck - let me know how you get on.

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