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Sabroso Shot #3 - Nuclear Bomb Simulator

Ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb fell on your house?

(Surely it can’t just be me...)

In any case, I love this piece because it is incredibly informative and educational - but in a way which is 100% personalisable.

Simply put: you type in a location and it tells you what would happen if a nuclear bomb fell there.

The piece comes from Outrider, who want to teach people about the greatest threats to humanity in an interactive and understandable way. It comes from their wider campaign on all the potential problems posed by nuclear weapons.

This piece, 'What happens in a bomb blast?' goes into detail about the effects of fallout and radiation, and it’s so accessible and straightforward there’s no wonder it has performed so well.

The campaign performed amazingly well on social media, and earned coverage from over 400 unique domains.

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