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Sabroso Shot #29 - My Animal Weight

It's another one for animal lovers today.

My Animal Weight is a site which allows you to enter your weight in KG or LB and have it presented back to you as amounts of various animals.

For example, you may weigh the same as 21.99 cats, as I do, or 12.5 Koala Bears, as John Cena does.

It's a wonderfully simple site, and beautifully pointless calculator.

It reminds me of The Dictionary of Numbers: a chrome plug-in which turns any numbers displayed in your browser into values you can easily understand. (500m = 5 Statue of Liberties).

Not to miss the opportunity to bang the drum about animals, I remember hearing recently that there are around 5,000 types of mammal on earth, and around one fifth of those are bats!

I think that piece of trivia is suggesting 'there are around 1,000 types of bat', rather than 'one fifth of all mammals are bats'. Particularly if you consider biomass as a marker, which would require a lot of individual bats to equal one 5,000 kg elephant.

Unfortunately, bats are conspicuous by their absence from My Animal Weight, though there are three types of Ibex, nine types of lemur, and thirteen types of seal. The world is a wonderful place.

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