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Sabroso Shot #27 - Local Lingual

Local Lingual is a project to record the regional differences in accent and dialect for every territory of the world.

It's an interactive map, which you can explore and dig down to countries, counties and even towns.

The vast majority are simply people saying things like 'This is what I sound like', or just pronouncing the name of their city in their accent. Which is interesting and somewhat astonishing as a logistical undertaking.

I found some entries which were incredibly funny though. Particularly where people have uploaded audio from pop culture to exemplify the local accent, all of which are pitch-perfect as self-deprecating humour.

One entry for Austin, Texas is Info-Wars host and general nutter Alex Jones shouting '1776 will commence again!'.

The entry for Glasgow is this clip from Limmy's Show.

I found the entry for Fife, Scotland particularly interesting, as it's just a man lamenting his mother forgetting to pay her council tax.

Overall it's a great piece, combining technology with a genuine use - and the UGC element means it becomes a source of fantastic entertainment.

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