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Sabroso Shot #25 - Cocktails as Data Visualisation

Cocktails is a project by Information is Beautiful to show the ingredients of different cocktails by ratio.

The piece also recognises the type of glass the cocktail should be served in - which makes for a stylish presentation indeed.

However, I think the piece falls down a little in other areas. Namely: the actual recipe is not given; and there's no indication of how the cocktail should look once its made.

One might argue that this piece isn't meant to be a working recipe book, but a cool data visualisation (as is the wont of Information is Beautiful), and on that basis it's perfectly forgivable that that information is lacking.

But still, if I was running this as a campaign, I think I'd include that. Turning something complex into something simple and actionable is a sure-fire way to get coverage and keep visitors coming back.

Anyway, the piece reminds me of one I worked on about five years ago called Around the World in 80 Drinks. This piece was one of my first 'viral' successes. I think because it's so striking and simple.

(Around the World in 80 Drinks was released 3 years earlier. I mention that only because they are so similar, and I don't want to seem like I'm not giving credit where it's due).

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