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Sabroso Shot #24 - The World as 100 People

The World as 100 People is one of the finest pieces of data visualisation you’re likely to come across.

How often in these Sabroso Shots do I say how much I admire simplicity - and how could an idea be more simple?

The project (from Jack Hagley) is a few years old now, so doubtless the data has changed a little

Logically, ‘The World as 100 People’ is a pretty way of saying ‘The world’s demographics represented as a percentage’ - but breaking it down to just 100 people really makes the societal differences more pronounced.

The suggestion is that 23% of the world have no shelter, 13% of the world don’t have access to clean water.

Despite that, 75% have mobile phones.

As with most reductionist data projects, the correct response is ‘I think you’ll find it’s a little more complicated than that’, but it’s still a great project.

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