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Sabroso Shot #20 - Make Front-End Shit Again

Make Frontend Shit Again is a project which looks back on the time when garish web design was all part of the plan.

In the wild west days of the early internet, there were no standards of web design, no real considerations for user experience, and no real taste. However, there was a healthy number of people who didn't stop to ask 'should I do this?' - they just did it.

The site curates some of the finest examples of single-page, awfully designed websites which only exist for one weird reason. The fact that most of them are still live is almost astonishing, but it's beautiful to see.

Incidentally, fans of weird gifs may enjoy this episode of the podcast Reply All. They dig into the history of the weird gifs, and all kinds of weird lawsuits surrounding them.

You should know by now that I love websites that only exist for one purpose, so finding this site was like Christmas for me.

Let me know which of the featured sites is your favourite - and let me know if you have any 'single purpose' sites that you love.

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