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Sabroso Shot #17 - The Moon as a Pixel

If the Moon Were only a Pixel is a project by artist/designer Josh Worth.

Josh wanted to demonstrate the true scale of the solar system, and so made a scrolling tool which allows you to travel from planet to planet and really get a sense of the size of the universe.

It turns out every solar system map you've ever seen was woefully inaccurate. The ones they use in classrooms probably get the planet sizes roughy right, but they miss out the most important thing: space - and lots of it.

See if you can scroll to the end. There's something therapeutic about all that empty space.

Josh said he wanted to prove that we rely to heavily on simplification, and therefore miss out on the truly grand scale of things like the solar system.

Almost paradoxically, he's made something which is beautifully simple to help us understand that.

This kind of super-simple, super-informative content is what gets people talking.

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