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Sabroso Shot #15 - The High Street Abduction

Regardless of your politics, or appetite for anti-establishment thinking, I think few would doubt that the BBC is pretty rigorous as a journalistic body.

Equally I think few would doubt the panic and urgency that bursts into life at the thought of a missing child.

That's why 'The High Street Abduction' is so interesting.

This article isn't a regular piece of journalism though - it's an interactive article which blends imagery, animated maps, and videos of real-life police discussions to bring the story to life.

Despite its fear-inducing nature, the article is far from sensationalist. It even begins 'Child abduction is very rare', but as you follow the story (which took place over several hours, but appears to unfold almost in real time as you read), you can't help but be gripped.

Naturally not every type of story lends itself to this format, but as a storytelling device and a piece of journalism, I think it's superb.

I recently learned about Shorthand, which is a platform used to tell stories in this way. I'd be astonished if the BBC didn't use it for this one (they're featured as a case study on the home page for another story after all).

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