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Sabroso Shot #14 - The Uber Game

The Uber Game was made by the Financial Times, and is the result of interviews and investigations into the life of an Uber driver.

You play as a new Uber driver, and try to make as much money as you can, dealing with everything life is likely to throw at you.

It feels like the game is stacked against you, and quite likely that's the point. Based on the findings of the journalists who made it, it seems that the life of an Uber driver is pretty hard going.

This is backed up by a recent piece of research by MIT which shows that Uber drivers (in the US) earn significantly less than minimum wage, and some even make a loss.

It seems that the tide may be turning on Uber. Their business in its current form is unsustainable and unethical. If a company can't afford to pay its workers minimum wage, then simply put, it shouldn't be running.

(Uber navigates this by treating its workers as 'contractors', and therefore they have fewer rights than full employees, and incur greater liability and costs).

If you're feeling vitrioloic, then good. Don't use Uber any more.

If you just wanted some nice content and now feel bad, I apologise for nothing, but I do offer you this as compensation.

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