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Sabroso Shot #13 - Species in Pieces

Species in Pieces by Bryan James is maybe the most beautiful and heart-breaking piece of content I've seen.

The music, illustration and animation style all make the animals seem intensely lonely, and their plight seem all the more upsetting.

In some ways, despite the beautiful artistic choices, the illustration does the animals a bit of disservice. This is a real Vaquita, photographed in the wild, and it is truly astonishing to look at:

That picture is somewhat astonishing in itself. There are thought to be only 30 Vaquita left in the world - the result of aggressive over-fishing of shark populations, of which Vaquitas are an unintended victim.

I think there are few more valid and urgent causes than the conservation of animals, and this kind of cruelty is abhorrent. I'm vegan (I know, didn't take me long to bring that up!), and hold these beliefs dear, but I don't think you need to be vegan to find the plights of the animals in Species in Pieces terrifying.

When we started Sabroso, we wanted to focus on creating content which aligns with on our own ethics of sustainability, conservation and anti-suffering.

A number of years back, we produced a piece which drew on the illustration style of Species in Pieces. It's about the Extinct Animals of Great Britain.

I wouldn't pretend it's anywhere near as breathtaking, but it got picked up by Mashable, and helped us achieve the client's goal of being seen by a mainstream audience as environmentally-focussed.

Interestingly, our Extinct Animals infographic was created for a wedding/exhibition venue who were very focussed on animal conservation. There's a great story about me mishearing their love of 'moth species' as 'moss species', with hilarious consequences. If you ask me one day, I'll tell it to you.

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