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Sabroso Shot #10 - Universal Paperclips

There's an amazing story behind Universal Paperclips.

The game was meant to be a weekend project to allow its creator, Frank Lantz to teach himself Javascript.

What came next was a 9 month project. The outcome: an addictive, surprising game which is simultaneously amusing and terrifying.

The game is based on a quote from Nick Bostrom, a computer scientist who worries about the future. He said that an AI designed to make paperclips might be great, but “It also seems perfectly possible to have a superintelligence whose sole goal is something completely arbitrary, such as to manufacture as many paperclips as possible, and who would resist with all its might any attempt to alter this goal.”

That game is that thought, taken to its extreme.

I love when online content takes an incredibly complex thought (like AI becoming self-aware and stopping at nothing to succeed in its goal) and turns it into something which is super easy to understand.

It's similar to other click games like Cookie Clicker, and Clicking Bad, but is much more interesting I think.

It starts out as a desire to click the button to make paperclips, but before long you've mined the earth's entire resources and turned them into paperclips.

I won't spoil the rest of it. Good luck.

(Yes, I completed it. It took me 5 days, and I had to leave my computer running all that time)

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