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About us

The low down...

Who we are

We're a creative studio where viral marketing meets astounding design.

We exist to get people talking about you, and what you do.

We do the things nobody else thinks of, to get the results nobody else dreams of.

Our studio is founded on our philosophy. We want to work with organisations and individuals who strive to help people through sustainable business practices.  

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Meet the founders

Joe Shervell

Joe is a creative marketer who specialises in achieving international coverage for small businesses. With nearly a decade of experience in SEO and PR, Joe’s creative approach to promoting business has ensured his clients are able to compete with their better-funded, better-known rivals.

Chris Morley

Chris is a graphic and web designer specialising in creative content and information design. A multi-disciplinary creative, he takes a concept-first approach taking every chance to escape the gaze of a computer screen. 

What do we do?

We create unexpected branded experiences to get people talking about you.

Interactive resources, microsites, infographics and even product design. We do whatever it takes to capture the world’s imagination, and get you the exposure you need. 

Our work provides value to your audience through learning experiences, humour and sheer wonder. 

Who we work with

We work with organisations of all sizes, across all industries. As long as you exist to improve the world, you’ll always have a place at our table. 

We believe in sustainable business practices in all areas, and look at everything from fair trade accreditation to modern slavery agreements. If you are ethical, open and honest, get in touch.

We do the things nobody else thinks of, and we want you to do same. 

We won’t compromise on quality, and neither should you.

We love what we do. If you want to make branded content you’ll love, get in touch.

Our manifesto

  • Go with your gut
  • Love the unexpected
  • Make content that lasts
  • Make everything sustainable
  • Do the things nobody else thinks of
  • Don't wait for permission to change the world